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Reasons why Social Media Marketing is important for your Business
Aug 17, 2022 | By Amnah Zubair
Reasons why Social Media Marketing is important for your Business

Many people don’t know the importance of social media marketing. They don’t have an idea what wonders social media can do to their business. It is quickly becoming one of the major factors of digital marketing. The purpose of social media marketing is just to reach out to as many customers as we can.

Almost every business needs this strategy for their business to grow but sometimes they don’t know the advantages or they are just unaware of the reasons one needs. This is an incredible marketing strategy to spread the word through all the social media handles about your product. To make you aware of all the major reasons, the following is the list of them.

Create Brand Awareness

If you have a business and people don’t know about it, it is difficult for them to reach out to it. They can never become your customers unless you don't create brand awareness. Where most people lack is that they don’t create awareness. The major purpose of social media is, it boosts visibility among potential customers.

There are so many companies out there that are promoting their brands on platforms filled with noise. This is you, who needs to recognize the worth of social media by creating your business profile on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is not only an easy task but free of cost also. All you have to take care of the thing that the market of your social media is done correctly. Having this profile will benefit your business and constant use will increase the audience.


Social media marketing is three times more cost-effective than traditional media. You don’t have to invest anything on your social media platforms while news channels, magazines, broadcast TV, radio, and billboards demand thousands of bucks. So, when a thing can be done for free, why invest money in that?

It cuts costs without sacrificing or compromising the results. There are some major investments that you need to do while doing social media marketing and those are:

  • Publish content
  • Invest your time
  • Communicate with the customers

And when you compare your time to the result you got, you’ll be amazed to know you can significantly increase your conversion rates and ultimately get a return on investment on the little amount of money and time that you primarily invested.

Customer Satisfaction

Undoubtedly, social media plays a vital role in networking and communication platforms. Consumers tend to buy things from those brands that reply promptly. It is more likely the case that customers like it when brands reply to their comments or professionally respond to their messages without getting them delayed. It shows the brand is all up for you to sell its services no matter what plus, it engages the customers in an obliged way. 

One of the major things that customers say is they don’t like computerized messages rather they are more interested in custom messages. 88% of consumers polled say that they are less likely to buy from a merchant that doesn’t respond to customer comments or complaints or just sends built-in messages.

Increased Organic Traffic

Another beneficial aspect of using social media marketing for your business is that it increases the conversion rate which is the most important thing for a business. Sharing content on daily basis and links directly linked to your profile makes more traffic.

Basically, by sharing the links to your website you’re allowing your customers to go through your website and this is how it is more likely the case that they’ll make a purchase. The more quality content you share; the more inbound traffic will be generated.   

Consumers share brand-produced videos at a rate of 74%. You have more opportunities to engage new leads and turn them into customers the more frequently you release videos or other material.

Enhanced SEO Rankings

Various reports claim there is a relation between the rank of your site and the number of shares, comments, and likes on social media. Even the social profile itself lies in search engines. For suppose, you search for the brand “Nike” on Google and it will show all the links of their social media handles on the first SERP.

This is how SEO rankings get increased and it is no longer enough if you just keep sharing blogs. An active social presence will improve your results, even though the ranking elements are constantly changing. Make sure to frequently update your profile.

In a nutshell, there’s no point left in denying the importance of social media. Consistency is the key to every door of life and the same is the case if your startups and established businesses. If social media marketing is done correctly it shows a drastic change in SEO rankings and traffic that is not possible without brand awareness. You may surpass your opponents and regain the competitive edge by joining social media as soon as you can and building a devoted following. Your competition is already increasing day by day; this is why without delaying it any further you can start even now to see massive growth.  

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